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Emerge Dynamically!

We live in a world of energetic stimulation, interaction, and affectation. In other words, as living systems, we are part of a magical network of systems. We arise through each other. What does that mean? It means that I'm not a 'silo' but that I am infinitely affected by 'you' as are you by 'me'. The edges around each of us are blurry and that creates a mutuality of arising - how we experience that depends on so many factors! Cooperation is a matter of physics as much as it is psychology.

To that end, I'm starting a new cohort on April 9 that will be ongoing for 7 months (low impact on your schedule, high impact on your positive experiences). Here's the info on some of what you will learn!

1. Different ways of knowing and being (and how they have been abused to create imbalanced societies) - based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

2. How to learn more about the energetics of who I am so that I can -

a) make clear and confident decisions

b) understand what is going on for others and how to navigate that lovingly and without such emotional charge

c) learn more about healing; what it is and how to know when you need it

d) explore the energetic nature of confusion and how it relates to physics

e) harness creativity as a physical force

f) exploring the energetics of shame and releasing it

g) how to understand and navigate tiring/confrontational groups

h) expand empowering communication for resolution and mutual benefit.

AND SO MUCH MORE! Course dates here:

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