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Social Movement Investing Study Group

Updated: May 10, 2022

Tuesdays 16:00 UTC/12pm EDT, April 26-May 24

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The Center for Economic Democracy (CED) recently released a paper laying out pathways from impact investing to "social movement investing." Read more about the paper and download it on the CED website. Here is part of the description offered there:

Drawing on frameworks from both social justice organizing and impact investing fields, Social Movement Investing (SMI) explores and proposes movement-aligned capital strategies that help build the power necessary to address our many challenges -- from economic and racial injustice to climate and migration crises. In addition to offering guidance for transition from impact investing to Social Movement Investing, the paper also includes innovative capital stewardship tools that investors of all types can utilize in the service of a just, equitable and sustainable future.

This study group will dive deep into the ideas presented in that paper with the following goals:

  • Raising awareness of this framework for participants and their networks

  • Challenging current thinking around impact investing

  • Supporting frontline initiatives that are highlighted in the paper, and others like them

  • Connecting with frontline groups once we have done our homework and have a regenerative invitation for them

  • Catalyzing groups to act on recommendations in the paper

    • Support existing networks in taking this on

    • Support the birth of new working groups

90 minute sessions will take place at 16:00 UTC on five consecutive Tuesdays. Local times can be found on the Now What?! calendar. Participants are asked to read a selection from the paper in advance of each session:

  • April 26 - Preface + Context: pp.4-27 (video here)

  • May 3 - Movement Alignment (Ch. 1): pp.28-53 (video here)

  • May 10 - Community Power Building (Ch. 2): pp.54-60

  • May 17 - Vehicles (Ch. 3) and Economic Logic (Ch. 5): pp.61-65 and pp.76-93

  • May 24 - Staging and Sequencing + Closing (Ch. 4): pp. 66-75 and pp.94-96

Sessions include a brief presentation followed by conversation in both small and large groups. Ariel Brooks, one of the paper's co-authors, will attend multiple session to present (along with other members of the hosting team) about sections of the paper and participate in discussion.

Additional ways to engage in the study group are also being developed for those who wish to go deeper, organize next steps, etc.

Register here to receive updates and calendar invites

Session Notes can be found here

Recordings of the presentations from each session will be added to this post as they become available.

April 26 recording

About the Conveners

The study group is a collaboration among the r3.0 Funding Governance Blueprint, CT River Valley Bioregional Collaborative, Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory, and the Now What?! gathering. Although the Center for Economic Democracy is not participating directly, we have received "their blessing" for this work.

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