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Now What?! Calendar

Various types of open calls are offered throughout the six weeks of Now What?!  See below for category descriptions. Click on individual events for details, including call-in information.  Many calls take place on the Main Zoom line.  There is a calendar tutorial video at the bottom of this page.

Click here to view the calendar in a browser window
Get the TeamUp app for iOS or Android
and subscribe to this URL
The calendar should default to your time zone
-- you can check that (and change it) in the lower right hand corner.
Click on any event for details and to locate
the "Share" button to add it to your own calendar
Brief description of the calender categories
  • Cafes
    Connect, get oriented, and have conversations of your choosing

  • Ceremony/Celebration
    Opening and closing gatherings, and weekly parties

  • Collective Organizing
    Planning and organizing by the Now What?! Collective

  • Engagement Streams
    Ongoing call series organized by members of the Now What?! Collective

  • Field Trips
    Events organized by Now What?! Partners and other select organizations

  • General Sessions
    A variety of different events organized by members of the Now What?! Collective

  • Non-English-friendly
    Sessions in languages other than English or with translation available 

  • Youth-oriented
    Sessions designed with young people in mind

  • zPast Editions
    Categories used only during previous Now What?! gatherings

To add items to the calendar, you must first become a member of the Now What?! Collective or an organizational Partner
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