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Your ability to navigate the elements of Now What?! that matter to you is important to the conveners and hosts.  We know that doing so requires some effort, and your patience with the complexities of this gathering is much appreciated. 

This page has some resources for support.

Now What?! can be messy.  It's easy to get lost, confused, or overwhelmed.  Some have compared it to a labyrinth.  Why haven't we made it simpler?!

We are engaged in an experiment in virtual (and in-person) convening that pushes the envelope of what is possible with our current tools, platforms, and skills.  It is designed to test many new approaches, and prioritizes innovation over ease of engagement.

We believe that the only way to create a different future is for people to be willing to come together as citizens rather than consumers.  We are building a community of people how are willing to make an effort, to do some work, to ask for support, etc. 

Why is Now What?! so confusing?!
Orientation Videos
Key Links
  • Main Zoom line, used for Cafes, Parties, and many but not all "engagement stream" calls.  See specific events on the calendar to verify Zoom info.

  • Calendar

  • Network Map

  • Retrieve your personal link for updating your profile and connections on the Registration and Network Map Interface

  • Links to most of the different platforms being used in Now What?! can also be found on the Tech Tools We Use page

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