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Gift   Economy  

Over the course of Now What?!, a pool of financial gifts as well as various offers of non-financial support are gathered and distributed in order to nourish individuals, projects, and initiatives that support healing, transformation, regeneration, and restoration

The financial elements of Now What?! are transparently managed using the Open Collective platform, where you can make contributions, see how much has been contributed by others, and how that money is redistributed at the conclusion of each edition of the gathering.
Offers of and requests for non-financial gifts are made visible via individual profiles in the default view of the Now What?! Network Map, as well the map's Needs and Offers view.  The Now What?! Collective also has a circle dedicated to activating gift economy flows. 

To add your non-financial offers and requests to the map, begin by registering to add or update some of your basic map info for the current edition of the gathering.  Shortly after completing that, you will also receive a link to your personal Map Profile Dashboard, where you can add additional information that will show up in the Needs and Offers view of the map.
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