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Tech tools we use

Now What?! offers a chance to experiment with many different tech tools and platforms.  

The logos and text below contain links to make it easier to find your way.

Places where we have conversations
Image by Jens Johnsson

Getting together in person!


Use this link to join our workspace  


Join the Now What?! community on this open source platform that supports projects, exchanges of offers and requests, and sharing of resources.  


An innovative platform for in depth text-based conversation--gather in the Now What?! Lounge to begin exploring what's possible here


An innovative platform for structured live conversation in small groups

Other tools we use

Our primary calendar tool (click here to view)

Greater than the Sum icon 300px.png

Now What?! Network mapsumApp for collecting data + Kumu for displaying it


Google Drive folder for sharing notes, graphic recordings, etc.

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Invitations and sharing of outcomes via social media (click on icons to connect)


A playlist compiled by Now What?! participants (click here to listen, click here to email suggestions)


A simple and powerful tool for large groups to generate, prioritize, and refine ideas

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