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Now What?!

Amplify, integrate and ground 
the energy of transformational conferences

Participatory virtual engagements throughout May/June 2019, including the Consciousness Deep Dive

In partnership with upcoming and recently completed conferences to cross-pollinate the networks and local hubs that are connected to them

Serving the global movement of movements for systemic transformation by building community, creating commons, and supporting gift economies

Produced by Conference Weaving in partnership* with: 

Climate Change and Consciousness

New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI) Forum

Cows, Land, and Labor

TRANSFORM: Climate, Communities, and Capital

Reporting 3.0: Implementing Thrivable Transformation

The May-June 2019 Now What?! engagement is complete.  You can review the Harvest here, including collective meaning-making work done as a follow-up during July.

During July-August, a Pop-up Gift Economy is being coordinated, catalyzed by the energy of the Deep Dive and the Now What?! engagement of which it was a part.

The next edition of Now What?! is being planned for October 14 through November 22, 2019.  Join the Conference Weaving email list to stay in the loop with upcoming invitations to participate and to partner.

What and Why?

Energize  action, healing, and mutual support through a combination of pre-scheduled and emergently organized Zoom calls and other virtual engagements

  • Share stories from recently completed conferences

  • Share next steps and find new collaborators

  • Support and connect local and regional hubs

  • Build community and co-create a flow of resources

*Now What?! was convened and hosted by the Conference Weaving Collective.  The partnering conferences supported this engagement via invitations shared in their networks, but were not responsible for the content or processes being offered.

The Collective is an emergent group, with a core "warp team" that welcomes additional participation from anyone who is interested in supporting this global commons.


The May/June 2019 edition of Now What?! conversations is complete. 

In July-August, the focus is on working with the Consciousness Deep Dive Harvest and with supporting a Pop-up Gift Economy.

This Google calendar shows the schedule of open calls that comprised the major portion of the May-June Now What?! engagement.

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