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A performance of Beauty in the Beast - a Musical Journey into the Labyrinth

This journey is a continuation of an exploration into a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the world. Following on from my first project Keys to the Golden City this performance takes a deeper look at what I had been too afraid to look at for fifty years of my life, what we have all been afraid to look at, individually, as a nation and as a culture. I began to see what it meant to be a woman and a Jew, living a privileged life in Western culture and where this is taking us all.

I started this particular journey when I moved to Frome in Somerset, in 2013, and the universe started wearing its magic and putting me in all the places I needed to be to engage in this wonderful town for all its uniqueness, activism and conflict; it has it all.

As I began to look more closely into my roots as a woman and a Jew, in particular, I soon realised I was about to discover so much more than I had asked for. It has been a fabulous journey, uplifting and emotional.

I hope you will join me. This is my first performance as it is fresh off the press, yet some of the songs were written up to 15 years ago. Though the book and CD are not quite ready for publication I feel this performance is the seed, the taster of what is come. I am very excited as this creative project draws to a close and a new one of presenting it to the world begins.

Many thanks

Love Vicki x

see NowWhat !? Calendar

performance Wednesday 17th November 4pm BST

and visit

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