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Climate Resilience: The Secret of Healing Trauma in an Era of Crisis

A Conversation With Dr. Stephanie Mines

Stephanie Mines talks with Lev Natan, of Alliance for A Viable Future, about the evolution of consciousness that is accelerated right now. Dr. Mines speaks from her background as a neuroscientist and embryologist, about how we are born for these times. Her understanding of neurodevelopment takes us beyond trauma to the indestructible resilience and buoyancy evidenced by embryonic intelligence.

This is an inspiring and informative experience that uplifts you and encourages your original brilliance. You can follow the orientation of this conversation to manifest your own unique selfhood by attending Dr. Mines’ upcoming program on The Rediscovery Journey™ launching next month, March 4th-5th 2022 from 10 AM – 2:30 PM PST. The Rediscovery Journey™ is a template for accessing original brilliance!

Proceeds from this program benefit Climate Change & Consciousness.

Select one of the links below to listen to the podcast!

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