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Creating Unbreakable Bonds

Updated: May 3, 2021


Here we are on the edge of the abyss longing for paradise, so close because it lives in our hearts, yet so far away because we are in a chaotic world full of strife, destruction, sickening separation, and inequality.

Relations are breaking up everywhere because we have been taught that my interest is different from yours and life is a zero-sum game: I win, you lose, I lose, you win. In the world of the change-makers, to which we belong, this game is just wrapped in a more subtle blanket of soothing words and concepts, and therefore even more difficult to see, more deceptive, more difficult to diffuse.

I love you, but you might turn around and walk away, you might die, you might vanish, or you might even move against me, envy me, hate me. So, our bonds break, made of a corrosive matter in a world bursting with egos.

And now, without unbreakable bonds, we will die, as will that beggar in the street you passed and that refugee that drowned when his dingy boat capsized in mid-sea. You and I will die like the jaguar who burned his paws on the hot blackened soils of the forest consumed in flames. And maybe most painful of all, that toddler will die, your child, my child, running around with indomitable spirit unaware of its fragility, crushed like a fly by a soulless machine we built for our comfort and greed.

We need to forge unbreakable bonds now because we are both responsible for that child’s life and that jaguar’s life and the smoldering tree because they are us and we can no longer live in a world that is dying. It may not be enough, but it is what we can offer to stop the machine.

With unbreakable bonds the differences between us melt away and suddenly we find ourselves in that frictionless world where our energy, our passion ripples to heal wounds, stopping the slide, together. Suddenly the whole world is a web of infinite relation with the past, the future, and all beings that ever lived and will arrive to live long after we faded.

So when you step into this room be welcome to never leave again. You do not enter because it is nice, but because you are here to save that toddler’s life. You enter with boundless gifts in the service of its future. You are here to stop the slide and wake others up to stop before we plunge, one by one, ego after ego in the abyss of our increasingly fragmented world soon to completely shatter.

How are we to mend this world of madness we are in, we are part of, that world we manifest?

How are we to heal that world that is gliding towards irreversible destruction?

Maybe it is by expanding our vision of who we are? Were we not conceived by the love of the Earth for our ancestors and created in an unbroken chain of countless generations? Were we not seeded and conceived by wild love and nourished by living air, crystal-clear waters, sweet fruits, and nourishing roots? Isn’t life an unending dance of loving abundance? Of generous gifts offered to us by the love of the leaf that catches the sunray, the love of the bird song wakening our heart, by the toddler’s playful laughter, nourishing our soul with the echoes of an emerging future?

How we have gone astray, plowing the Earth, cutting the forests, polluting the air, killing each other. The trees are desperately trying to wake us up, the birds sad because we do not listen to their song. Our ancestors and our indigenous brothers and sisters are screaming soundlessly to wake us up from this nightmare of separation and destruction. Our loving mother Earth cannot hold on any longer, feeling the strength wither in her fingers, loosening the grip of the hand that holds us.

You step in here because you want unbreakable bonds, so let that happen. But that bond is not between us, it is with the Earth and the ancestors and the birds and the trees, and the rivers and the tiny frog. It is even with the snake and the spider and the juicy sweetness of the mango you bite. It is a bond with your foe, ready to kill you. But most of all it is a bond with that toddler and its future.

Welcome, your entry is urgently needed. Come to connect and stay connected. There is no way back because you enter to heal a mortally wounded world and that world is you, with everything in it. Your generosity will be boundless, your smile real, your presence healing, our bond unbreakable, in service of the toddler who smiles at you, full of innocent hope, longing for a beautiful life.

Welcome, dear sisters and brothers,

Clare and Dita and Jennifer and Rob

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