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Feminine ways of knowing

It is often said that men and woman are not that different. In many ways this is true. We share many feelings and many needs. In other ways, though, our differences seem very real. 

There are similar stories in many cultures to the Garden of Eden story - the trauma of being evicted from our home, our hearts and connection to source for, apparently, committing an original sin. This is a fascinating concept. What does this story represent, metaphorically?

The story in the Christian Bible of Cain killing his brother Abel may represent our minds taking control of our hearts. These stories in our cultural inheritance may represent the first trigger that has held us in a cycle of centuries of masculine/feminine imbalance. How can we understand this imbalance better and begin to unlock its hold over our cultural mindset, allowing the feminine to come back into balance with the masculine?

Join us to share how you are feeling around your gender identity in daily life. What are your experiences with your gender in the society? Let's share our stories. We do not have to agree on our interpretation of our cultural stories, but let’s come together and discuss them, share how we feel about them. We will create a safe space together for us to talk about our feelings freely. The focus of these sessions is on finding out how you are feeling in the moment as well on receiving support and inspiration from each other.

Facilitators: Tania Palacios, Vicki Burke, Suzanne Jones, and Akiko Frid Photo taken by Mark Brookes

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