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Nature is the therapist, the guide opens the door

Does connecting with nature via Zoom seem unlikely? I invite you to give it a try! Certified by Association of Nature & Forest Therapy, I will open the

door to a journey through a sequence of sense-based invitations. Re-align with yourself, humans in other locales and the more-than-human world in your backyard or local park.

Wed. April 27th 5:45-7:30pm (eastern U.S.) Please REGISTER HERE.

Nature therapy is a relational practice that brings people into deeper intimacy with natural places. And one of those natural places is our natural self; it’s a practice that holds the possibility of meeting again the kernel of who we are, and what we are born to be and how we are intended to be of service in the world. It’s also important to recognize how the practice supports every aspect of our well-being including boosted immune function, improved cardiovascular and respiratory health, attention restoration and stress reduction. Dealing with ecological grief? The restoration of relationship to place can be the beginning of the healing process.

Free of charge, with opportunities for donation to American Society of Adaptation Professionals. Instructions: Arrive by 5:45 (eastern U.S.) to a spot at a local park, your backyard, or a window with a view. Bring a fully charged device (with a power bank if necessary) Dress comfortably, with weather in mind You might want a sit pad, stool or chair Bring along a thermos of tea (or other beverage) or have materials ready to prepare such.

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