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Weekly Birdsong Meditation at Peace Valley, Australia

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Thursdays 6 am AEST, 8pm Wednesdays UTC

Every Thursday morning for a year now I’ve held space for NowWhat?! participants and others to join us at Peace Valley for an hour of nature and people connection. This was inspired by the many different bird species here and the need for folk in lockdown in their houses to have a real feeling of nature connection. We sandwich a 20 minute silent meditation, simply listening to the birds here, with a personal check in and follow on discussion. Over the course of the year a truly sacred space has developed, where the energy of loving mutual support and deep listening are combined with a taste of the Australian birdlife here in northern New South Wales. Please note the change of time! For regulars the link remains the same! I hope to see some newcomers over the coming weeks! This is offered free with love as a service to life.

To join us please email Joy at for the Zoom link

Comments from some of the regulars include:

“From the first time, I felt at home when I joined the birds song meditation. I have been here over 20 times, and experienced and witnessed many wonderful moments.” Akiko

"I love participating in the meditation at Peace Valley. Every time I feel so grounded, it is a true gift.” Willem

“Yay! We get to listen to the bird-song, with inner sense and with joy, thanks Joy!” Vesper

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