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Sonic Spring is being produced as a gift to the world by the Now What?! Collective.   

Here are ways that you can support or collaborate to help make this event a more vibrant and valuable offering to all who participate...

  • Help extend the invitation to participate to your network

  • Support the creation of a 48 hour "Sound Garden" by either joining the team that will produce that offering or volunteering as a "sound collector" during Earth Day

  • Help design and host a scheduled event (on your own or with others)

  • Provide tech hosting support for one or more Zoom calls (e.g. help manage breakouts)

  • Design an "on-demand" engagement invitation​, i.e. something that can be framed in advance and that any individual and/or small group can pick up and do on their own (design and tech support available)

  • Help identify and/or curate the set of events offered by other groups besides the Collective that will be promoted as "Field Trips" via the Now What?! Calendar

If any of the options above are of interest to you, here are ways that you can get involved:
See the Now What?! calendar for planning call info (grey items)
Join the Now What?! Slack workspace 

Image: in Gaia's Eyes, Tom Brown 2017

Sonic Spring is part of the Now What?! global gathering from March 23-April 30 on the art of being fully human in a time of crisis.  The gathering is a commons and gift economy for collectively navigating the complexity of our times, in order to support action, build community, foster healing, and unleash generosity.
More info here
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