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Sound Garden

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The player above links to the live Sound Garden radio station, which can also be accessed using the following link:

About the Sonic Spring Sound Garden

As the sunrise travels around the world on Earth Day, we celebrate it with sound. We start sunrise in New Zealand, and every hour we respond and remix, based on the sounds and performances that arise.We begin with selected readings from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, revisiting the words of warning from a woman whose wisdom triggered the environmental movement. As these sounds continue, we slowly add live vocal performances. Over the 48 hours we look to create a sonic landscape, an ecosystem of sound.We improvise throughout the day in a slow jam, building on each other and the topics and conversations and sounds that come in as the sun rises on Earth Day at different locations around the world.


How to get involved

The structure and shape of this garden, will emerge as it grows. But we need Gardeners. Permaculture stewards who can let things be where they want to be, so that we create an ecosystem of sound.We need three types of help:

  1. Sound Scouts

  2. Sound Guardians

  3. People to plant Sound Seeds

Sound Scouts
We need field reporters. Curious social sound scouts that will explore the conversations happening at Sonic Spring, and further afield at other Earth Day events that are happening around the world. We ask them to record pieces of sounds from the events, talk to people they meet and record short interviews with them.


Sound Guardians
Sound Guardians welcome people to WhatsApp Groups, or the channel they are stewarding.
They keep the place safe, and hold the purpose of the group. They help collect the sounds sent to the group and teach people how to use the form to upload them. They invite people to join other groups that may form that have a theme that is more suited for that person.


Sound Seeds
Sound Seeds are offerings that you make on Earth Day. They are about how you feel, and what you wish or care for about the planet. They may be about your fears or anger - whatever comes to you on that day that you feel you need to give voice to.Sound seeds may also be about nature. Not just about humans, they may be for the sky, the birds, the atmosphere and air. Or the oceans, forests. Any natural voice you feel needs hearing at this time.Finally these sound seeds should be played in soil. They need to grow over time. They grow in the sunlight. With the time and care of other people around the word.Your sounds seeds should be an invitation to collaborate, to sing and remix with other sounds that people from around the world plant.

Connect to Contribute

Use this WhatsApp link to connect with the Sound Garden team if you want to take on a role described above.  You can also email to express your interest.

Embeds and Links
You can embed the player on your own web site adding the following javascript to your web page:<script src=""></script>

Polyphonic Instrument
The sound-garden polyphonic instrument will record each component, performance, voice snippet, conversation - in its raw form - for post production and archiving purposes. All the material provided by artists under a free culture license so that we can all remix, and use the material in our own work.

Image: in Gaia's Eyes, Tom Brown 2017

Sonic Spring is part of the Now What?! global gathering from March 23-April 30 on the art of being fully human in a time of crisis.  The gathering is a commons and gift economy for collectively navigating the complexity of our times, in order to support action, build community, foster healing, and unleash generosity.
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