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A Council Way into our Full Humanity - Transitions

I want to celebrate this life, its permanent movement, its unstoppable transitioning by offering this Council Way into our Full Humanity. Inviting all who want to explore this simple and powerful way of communication. More than a way of sharing, it is a practice that moves us to a deeper, more compassionate level of communicating and being.

you never enter the same river twice

What? A time to sit together “around the fire”, to experience becoming part of a “container”, a circle of witnessing and being witnessed where the collective voice can express itself. A time that often brings the participants surprises about themselves. The Way of Council is based on traditions that feel universal part of our social fabric, and can be found in many of our societies where relationship and place are still honoured. It is powerful in its simplicity: we come together and actively listen to each other in turn, inviting curiosity, sending judgment and the need to answer or perform for a break. Silence is also welcome, and no one is forced to speak, yet we’re all invited to share what is present in the moment the turn comes to us. The essence of what is alive is welcome, without needing to be justified or diminished or embellished. And all that we share remains in the circle. We will explore threads that connect us with our humanity, yet trust that whatever arises is what needs to be shared.

Why? This timeless practice of coming together to discover our current truths and wisdoms allows for a profound connection with our own selves and with others, human and non-human. We can find a deep calm when we listen with more-than-our-ears, and people are often surprised about what they share when witnessed in this way. It is not the same to read about it than to actually experience it. After practicing for a few years, I have witnessed how it has helped expand my ability to perceive the world around me, and to sit with the uncertainty that has become so evident in recent years.

When? At various times during the coming weeks, see below, or go straight to this simple registration form. This is a small-group practice, so you’ll need to book a place.

How? Bringing yourself, your curiosity. Being willing to listen and witness, and inviting your authenticity to be in the foreground. “Suspending our showing off so that we can show up”.

What you will need A special object to use as a Talking Piece. Maybe a stone or something meaningful that can sit comfortably in your hand.

A candle (optional, we can share mine).

The willingness to bring your self.

The virtual venue This is offered through Now What?!, a global gathering and gift economy for collectively navigating the complexity of our times in order to support action, build community, foster healing, and unleash generosity. Everyone is welcome!

Gift Economy I offer these sessions freely, and your presence is the best gift. And any financial contribution helps me to continue with this work. You can donate to Now What?! (requires credit card):

I invite you to note what it felt like to engage in this way – what came up for you?

Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say. William Shakespeare, King Lear.

Scheduled dates—note that times given are for UK timezone, and that clocks are being reset this coming weekend, so please do check your local time before deciding on dates. Please register here, you will get confirmation and joining information per email.

During the Now What?! edition:

About me… I’m Dita. I fell in love with the Way of Council some six years ago, when I attended my first one at High Heathercombe, up in the dramatic moors of Dartmoor. My dear friend Mel Lamb held it with her characteristic and amazing energy—I learned much from her in the coming years, we held circles together until her passing in 2020. Since that first one, I have attended many councils, in different contexts, and have experienced a wide diversity of flavours and intentions. I’ve had the honour and privilege to learn from the expert and caring hands of many, especially Klaudia van Gool, Jeremy Thres, and Sophy Banks. But most of my learning comes from a beloved teacher and my council guide, Pip Bondy. It is from her that my council tradition comes from. She was taught by Gigi Coyle in the tradition of the Ojai Foundation, where the Way of Council as we practice it today was co-creatively brought into life.

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