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Capitalism and Post-Capitalism

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

How can we support the global movement to transition to an economic paradigm that serves the wellbeing of people and planet?

An invitation to dialogue and social systems mapping, inspired by a November 15, 2021 conversation with economist Emily Kawano, founder of the US Solidarity Economy Network

There are several ways to participate in this Now What?! "engagement stream"...

  • Attend the November 15th conversation with Emily Kawano [Watch the recording below]

  • Add questions, ideas, opinions, and resources to this social systems map on Capitalism and Post-capitalism before or after the Nov 15th session

  • Help make sense of the information on the map, including identifying new conversations to convene and ways to further develop the map in order to capture additional information that creates value. This was seeded with a session on November 16th, and will continue through January 2022--details below.

Please use this form to sign up for email updates and invitation reminders.


Post-capitalism: a conversation with Emily Kawano


Add to the Social Systems Map

The map is a prototype that is still being built out. Your contributions will help create valuable content and your feedback on what is useful or confusing will help in the ongoing design of the map. Please follow these suggested steps to play.

Step One (optional)

Since this is a prototype, browsing the map and adding your data is a bit tricky and requires some effort. Watching the video below will help you move up the learning curve.

Step Two

Spend ten minutes or so browsing around the map to get a sense of what is currently there.

Step Three

If desired, use this link to add a question, proposition, or resources to the map.

Step Four

If desired, use this link to add yourself or an organization, team, or project to the map. Once you have done so, you can also add information about your connections to others on the map and opinions about the questions and propositions that they have added. If you added a question, proposition, or resource for Step 3, be sure to link this entity to it.

NOTE: you can only use the same email once for each of the forms linked to in steps three and four. If you wish to add more than one item using a given form, you must use a different email or contact mapping steward Ben Roberts for assistance.


Use the map for collective sense-making and help to develop it further

A session was held to seed this process on November 16th from 1-2:30 EST.

Additional opportunities to gather in small groups and also to work on one's own via the social systems map will be developed. Use this form to receive updates and additional invitations.

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