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Be with My Art to Learn to BE

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Have you been challenged lately in life with letting something go whether it's forgiveness, grief, a disappointment, or childhood event? Practicing a 'stress cycle' daily is a necessary tool arsenal for these ever changing times. We need to be our best to make the impact that is necessary in our world. Part of my self-care and method to combat stress is art. Look at the painting in the video directly behind me. It's my wild child. No rules, no expectations, it just occurred. Out of 25 pieces of my art, I chose this one to remind me in my work space that I am good at what I do because I show up and give my best.

Everytime someone compliments this piece of art, I become very surprised and thank them.

~'I could stare at that painting all day in a mesmerized state,' that compliment is evidence of the impact that authentic art has, when it comes to our need to focus, manage stress, & tune in for guidance. In this video I share how this creative process of 'Learning to BE with my Art' helped me breakthrough some childhood 'trauma.'


The hat is about the journey. Come along and walk with me. My passion is to support your creative process. Bring some paint...any kind of paint...use your fingers, brushes, leaves, flowers,'s about finding flow.

Live ZOOM classes weekly offered as part of the NOWWHAT?! Collective. We will meet Thursdays 5:00-5:45 pm EST October 27-November 18 as part of the gift economy.

Sign up HERE

Udemy online self-paced class available as well with skills building techniques:

Spotify Playlist to play while you create!

BE like a bird

who halting in her flight

on a limb too slight

feels it give way beneath her

yet sings, sings

knowing she has wings

yet sings, sings

knowing she has wings...~Libana

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