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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I remember the first time I experienced timelessness as if it was yesterday. It was in-depth of the earth in a tunnel under the city of Rafah. In the complete darkness, I could sense to warm endless of the earth and find peace in the eye of the storm of war. That memory is something that holds me and guides me as I search for the wisdom which is available everywhere at any moment.

Journey to Now is collective research into the future-present potential of a regenerative future political system where all voices are heard and considered. During the COP 26 events, we will hold Dream Circles and Sound Workshops to express and connect the future and past in the present moment.

Check out the call times and NowWhat 2021

And on the Voicing Gaia webpage

Get the Zoom link by registering here

We also have a QiQoChat event open with Jitsi and Spatial Chat space to explore

Looking forward to exploring the future of now with you!


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