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Welcome to Now What?!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Artwork by Deborah Milton

Whether this is the first time you are learning about this gathering or you have been helping to grow it since we began two years ago...


Whatever your beliefs and the traditions of your past


whatever your political stance


whatever your heritage


whoever you are, and whomever you love...


The sixth edition of Now What?! takes place from Monday, April 19 through Friday, May 28.

Once again, we gather to offer our gifts, our attention, and our care in service to "the art of being fully human in a time of crisis."

You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you desire. We will begin and end with a day of ceremony and gathering. The agenda in between is something we will grow together. If you want to contribute to this hosting work, you are welcome to join the "Collective" that will co-create a set of engagement invitations and a gift economy. Learn more here.

The gathering will also feature events convened by organizations, networks, and groups that become Now What?! Partners. Interested in partnering? Learn more here.

The Network Map shows you who is planning to participate and who has been here before. To add yourself to the map (or update your profile there) visit the Connect page at, where you can also subscribe to Now What?! News emails.


Here's a taste of the harvest

from previous editions of Now What?!

The poem "co-sensing with RADICAL TENDERNESS" was a beautiful gift from our partner Global Regeneration CoLab during the last gathering from October-November 2020. We made a ritual out of reading it together. This is how it begins:

Accept its invitation to be present. Tune in with the collective body, both human, and non-human.

Take notice of all the skins and places we inhabit, the bones and lands that bear our weight.

Feel your entanglement with everything, including the ugly, the broken and the fucked up.

Relate beyond desires for coherence, purity and perfection...

Here we are reading it to together:


"Streams of Engagement" was the Spotify collaborative music playlist compiled during the March-April 2020 edition of the gathering. Co-creating these playlists is a regular practice. Got some music you want to add to the April-May 2021 playlist? Please email us your requests.


Here's an excerpt from Jeff Aitken's August 2019 Deep Dive Learning Journey--one of a series that emerged out of the June-July 2019 edition that was the first full length gathering.

I recalled a phrase by Paul Hawken: Climate change could be happening TO us, or it could be happening FOR us. I began to consider the implications of this new thought: What if climate change is happening FOR US?

I began by noting that to honor that we are in shock is important, honoring it fully… And yet I also began to wonder if this shock may be the beginning of a “Grief Cycle” - the famous stages of grief and transformation such as bargaining, depression, acceptance, and letting go, which, as Harrison Owen describes the cycle, can become a step “across an open space” into a new understanding.

So then, what kind of new understanding might that be? Is it that we are entering a new world? Or a new worldview, or new world story?

Or a new understanding of being human? If this project’s inquiry is how to be fully human in a time of crisis, are we carrying forward any unexamined assumptions about what it means to be human? I decided to focus on this question...


What would be a valuable harvest for you from this upcoming edition?

Join us and we can gather it together!

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Mar 03, 2021

Each time we gather it just gets even richer, even deeper, even more real, and even more fun. I love it!

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